2017 Holiday Hours/Closures:
We will be closed on Monday February 20th due to Family Business and on the following Holidays

Monday May 29th, Memorial Day
Monday Sept 4th, Labor Day
November 23rd and 24th, Thanksgiving
December 25th & 26th, Christmas

Without this step, your signs/posts cannot be installed.

Effective IMMEDIATELY, we will be ordering a utility locate for EVERY install Real Estate Delivery Service completes. It has come to our attention that local utilities will be monitoring compliance for all sign companies in the area.

How will this affect your ordering and your installation?

1. You as the ordering agent, (or your seller), will need to conspicuously mark the proposed location of the post installation(s), in all areas a post needs to be placed. Ex... Outside the gated area AND in front of the house. The locate law indicates the spot should be marked with white spray paint. This is an important step we will be asking our agents to complete. If the spot is not indicated by white paint, the locate may not be completed by the utility company and cause further delay. Further, indicating the proposed spot to be excavated will minimize the amount of markings made on the property.

2. Once the location on the property is marked, you can make your order as usual. Real Estate Delivery Service will order the locate for the listing. Please keep in mind, we will order the locates at the end of business each day as to expedite the process as best we can. Thus, it is important orders are in by our cutoff time of 5pm to ensure the installation is made on time.

3. The locate companies indicate 2 business days needed to complete the utility location process. This does not include the day ofordering. So, plan on at least 3 business days to complete the process. Unfortunately, the thing we pride ourselves on the most, next day service, is rendered impossible given time needed to complete the utility locate. However, we are confident, with a solid plan in place, and good communication, this will be a seamless process.

4. Keep in mind, the marking of the property is done with white spray paint. There is a uniform utility code that indicates the type of utility present by color. Thus, your seller is going to have marking on their property. As we implement this process, we will do as much as we can to minimize the impact on the property in terms of the markings. However, you should begin to see these markings everywhere as the state adheres to these compliance services.

Below are a few website links that will shed more light on this. Please understand, this is compliance issue for our company and state law. We will be complying with all applicable mandates and laws going forward.

Of course, please call with any questions or concerns.

* Call Before You Dig
* Factsheet for excavators
Just a reminder, Our cut-off time is 5PM for delivery on the next business day. Orders received after 5PM will be processed and completed on the following business day.

Effective immediately: We will no longer be servicing Thurston, Skagit, or any other counties outside of King, Pierce, and Snohomish County. Certain areas of Snohomish county are subject to additional time needed to install. We will service parts of Kitsap county on a limited basis. Please call for a quote if you have an install in Kitsap county for fee and installation time frame.
Sincerely, Tyler & Staci
Your Real Estate Delivery Service Team.
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